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Window Coverings and Outdoor Shades for Energy Savings


Energy Rated. And Comfortable!

Did you know that blinds and shutters, louvres and awnings can help make your home more energy efficient? In fact, window coverings and outdoor shades can help control the temperature at home and keep your energy bill down. That’s real comfort!

What is WincovER

WincovER is a star-rating program that compares the energy performance of window coverings and outdoor shades. WincovER helps homeowners and building professionals make informed decisions when seeking to optimise the energy performance of their homes.

Blinds, awnings, shutters and louvres play a significant role in controlling the amount of heat and light that is transferred in and out of a building. With up to 40% of the energy used in a home for cooling or heating being gained or lost through windows, improving their thermal performance is critical to help reduce energy costs and Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

WincovER is a 10 star rating system for both heating and cooling that provides easy to use information about the relative energy performance of shading layer products such as fabrics, louvres and slats.  WincovER rated products are listed in the easy to search Certified Products Hub that allows comparison between products.

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