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Why automate?

Many window coverings and outdoor shades are designed to be opened and closed.  Several types of manual controls allow for easy operation, but what happens when the homeowner isn’t around?  Products might be left unattended during the time of the day or night when a higher energy performance and a more comfortable temperature could be achieved indoors.  In winter, for example, for optimal energy performance, window coverings and outdoor shades should be closed at sunset to keep the heat in and open during the day if there is direct sun on the window, to let free heat in.  Conversely, in summer they should remain closed (or extended) during the day to keep heat out (both radiant and conducted).

The automation of window coverings and outdoor shades ensures their optimal, energy efficient performance.  Timer and sensor automation enhance the energy rating of most window coverings and external shades because automation removes the dependence on human interaction.   WincovER-approved timer automation is pre-programmed and reset twice-yearly to ensure operation that suits local conditions.  Sensor automation reacts to indoor or outdoor environmental conditions that trigger the automatic opening and closing of window coverings or outdoor shades.

For the recommended schedule of operation for your local government area (LGA) in Australia, please click here.

For a list of WincovER approved automation available in Australia please click here.

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