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Window coverings and outdoor shades help create sustainable homes and buildings by optimising the total energy performance of the window assembly through the control of light, glare and heat transfer in and out.

WincovER provides easy to use information on the relative thermal performance of window coverings and outdoor shades using a 10 star rating system for both heating and cooling. WincovER ratings are based on the annual energy impact of window coverings and outdoor shades in whole-of-house situation in Australia and can help consumers make an informed decision on products best suited to their needs.

Window coverings and outdoor shades are available in Australia in a large variety of styles.  To achieve a WincovER star rating, suppliers take a series of steps to test and rate their materials.  The process includes testing, auditing and computer simulation by qualified engineers.  Rating results take into account the mode of operation, which can be fixed, manual, or timer/sensor automated.  The audited rating results are listed in the WincovER Certified Products Hub.

WincovER rated products are supported and promoted by material suppliers in swatch books and marketing materials at point of sale locations across Australia.

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