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WincovER is an energy rating program created by the BMAA, the Blind Manufacturers’ Association of Australia.  It is an industry-lead response to the challenge of contributing to a sustainable built environment.  Window coverings and outdoor shades help create sustainable homes and buildings by optimising the total energy performance of the window assembly through the control of light, glare and heat transfer in and out.


WincovER is independent of any one supplier and its methodologies are based on fairness and scientific rigor.


To develop WincovER, the BMAA has worked closely with leading industry experts and scientific advisers including Peter Lyons & Associates, the WERS-Window Energy Rating Scheme team of the Australian Glass and Window Association, the Attachments Energy Rating Council of the USA and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California.

The BMAA is a member of the AFRC, the Australian Fenestration Rating Council.

What is WincovER
FAQs and Glossary