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For a more energy efficient home, schedule the operation of your window coverings and sun shades


Window Coverings and outdoor sun shades can be very effective at making a home more energy efficient, as they shade and blockout the sun in summer and insulate from the cold in winter.

WincovER helps to compare the energy efficiency of the various types of window coverings.  However, to benefit the most from your window coverings and outdoor shades, it is important to open and close them at times when they will provide maximum benefit.

Below is a Schedule of Operation online tool which allows you to obtain the ideal local times to open and close your window coverings and outdoor shades.  It is based on the local conditions of where you live in Australia.

Select your State/Region, then your Local Government Area (LGA) and click on “Continue”.  The information will come up on your screen.

Save energy year-round: